The Kinyn Chronicles

The following books are Christian fantasy romances set in the magical world of Kinyn. While there are Elves, unicorns, and ogres that roam within this world, there are new and mysterious races to meet like Asri, Eaml, and many others that have yet been revealed!

The Healer and the PIrate Christian Fiction The Healer & The Pirate

Nessa Pearson wanted to forget the past and build a new life with her her grandparents. She wanted normal but normal is hard to come by when you're a blue-haired, white-skinned healer. When the handsome pirate Aridin Nightstar kidnaps her to save his ailing father, her hope for a quiet life is ripped from her. Will the Savior protect her from a bloodthirsty crew... and the handsome pirate who seeks her heart?

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A Selkies PrayerA Selkie's Prayer

Jedrey's life is shattered when his selkie wife accuses him of stealing her sealskin and disappears into the sea. A beautiful goddess bestows him with a magical map that he hopes will help him search for his lost love--but his wife may be closer than he thinks. Will Jedrey serve the mysterious goddess he's worshipped for five years, or will he save the woman he loves and turn to the Savior instead?

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Meet the Authors

Julie Bihn and Maggie Phillippi have been creating the world of Kinyn since 2005. Years later, they decided to share the stories and adventures they'd created. Learn more about who they are, what they do, and the journey they took to become the authors of Christian Fiction.

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