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About the Book

Healer and the Pirat CoverShe was an exotic healer hiding from the dangers lurking in her past...  Nessa Pearson wanted nothing more than to disappear into the everyday life of her quiet mountainside village. When a friend's urgent letter arrives, Nessa faces her fears and flies off to heal a sick child. But just when Nessa thinks she can lay her worries to rest, her safety vanishes in a cloud of smoke. He was a pirate on a mission...With his father at death's door, Aridin Nightstar would do anything to save him--even use a magic lamp to kidnap a beautiful healer. With a few delays, he spirits Nessa back to his ship, just like he'd planned. What he hadn't counted on was the white-skinned, blue-haired captive stealing his heart. Can Nessa and Aridin overcome bandits, a bloodthirsty crew and Aridin's greedy mother to follow the Savior's plan?

Julie Bihn

has adventure in her blood, being born to a father with two peg legs. Gifted with writing skills by her mother and a steady supply of paper by her father, she has been writing as long as she can remember. Her interest in writing and societies led her to a double-degree in Creative Writing and Sociology. Currently she spends her days drafting sternly-worded letters, and writes fiction during her lunch periods. Her best work to date is The Healer and the Pirate, co-authored with Maggie Phillippi.

Maggie Phillippi

spent her childhood, and most of her adult life, with her nose stuck in a book. An activity that was passed onto her from her grandmother. Maggie's need to be immersed in other characters and their lives led her to pursue a degree in Theatre. After graduation, she combined creative forces with Julie Bihn to produce her first completed work of fiction, The Healer and the Pirate.